mkfs.jffs2 not compiling, which acl.h?

Glen Johnson gjohnson at
Wed Dec 6 09:42:43 EST 2006

Ricard Wanderlof wrote:
> There was a patch posted a week or two ago on this list which enables you 
> to compile mkfs.jffs2 on systems where acl.h (and the features it 
> supports) are missing. Check the archives.
Mr Wanderlof,
You are absolutely right.  I did find the patch just as you stated.  I
downloaded the patch and to my surprise my code already had the patch in
it.  I did see along with the patch that I am to cd mtd-utils/ and then
make WITHOUT_XATTR=1.  This works great however, when I cd into
uClinux-dist/ and run make, WITHOUT_XATTR=1 never gets passed to the
makefile in the mtd-utils directory. 
1. Do I need to change something in the uClinux-dist/user/Makefile so
that it will pass WITHOUT_XATTR=1 to the mtd-utils/makefile?

2. Do I need to add something to a config file under the vendors directory?

Thank you,
Glen Johnson

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