Upgrading mtd-utils in uClinux.

Glen Johnson gjohnson at valcom.com
Tue Dec 5 08:30:22 EST 2006

David Woodhouse wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-11-30 at 07:58 -0500, Glen Johnson wrote:
> mkfs.jffs2 builds fine for me for FR-V uClinux, although that's
> ELF-FDPIC not flat. Are the relocations in .rodata actually a problem?
Yes, it appears to.  When I try to execute mkfs.jffs2 on the host
system I get the following error.
BINFMT_FLAT: reloc outside program 0x54e20000 (0 - 0xf57f4/0x11ec0),
killing mkfs.jffs2!

> Doesn't m68k have ELF-FDPIC yet?
I have the uClinux distribution dated 2006-08-03.  I did a grep -r
ELF-FDPID ./ and found it mentioned in the code for the Fujitsu FRV
processor and nothing else.  Someone told me he thought it did.  But I
do not see it in the code.  The compiler does appear to have elf
support according to this line in the output of make, ARCH=m68knommu
CROSS_COMPILE=m68k-elf- this however is Not ELF-FDPIC.
Is there a better way to tell if m68knommu supports ELF-FDPIC?

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