Jffs2 for sram filesystem

Jüri Põldre Jyri.Poldre at artecdesign.ee
Tue Dec 5 02:55:52 EST 2006


Arm CPU based system running 2.6.15 kernel is using 128 Kbytes accumulator
backed up sram for storing keying material. If system is powered off for
than 2 days accumulator discharges and file system gets corrupt. At boot the
mount command gives lots of errors but most of the time succeeds even though
file contents can be corrupt or files missing.

My question is:  Is jffs2 filesystem suitable for sram where fault model is
different than flash?

It is ok to erase SRAM, main issue is to keep it from coming up with corrupt


Jyri Poldre,
Artec Design.

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