Letter from a poor soul in Africa

Matro Kupata matrokupala at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 4 16:45:14 EST 2006

Dear Friend,

I live in a very poor part of Africa. We are so poor we can't afford shoes 
for our children who need to walk 5 miles (uphill on both directions) to 
school on hot sand every day. I work as a janitor for a big chemical company 
making 55 cents an hour. My pay is not even enough to feed my family.

We need your help, we need medicine. I think the company I work for is 
polluting the environment where we live because the maggots we used to eat 
are now growing hairs and are 10" long. You might think that is a good 
thing, but the problem is that they are making us sick. We've tried every 
thing we can think of, deep fried, grilled, dried, etc but we always get 
sick. Unfortunately, I think the damage is already done, we glow in the 
dark. Again, you might think this is cool, but let me tell you it's not. We 
can't go out at night without being ridiculed by children and adults alike. 
We are going to need many years of therapy to overcome our low self esteem. 
Our doctor says to stop glowing we'll need very expensive medicine. That's 
why I'm asking for your help (and don't forget therapy is not cheap either). 
So if you could just send me 35 % of your monthly income, I could buy 
medicine, shoes, food, and lots of whiskey. I accept credit cards, checks, 
paypal, gold, jewelry, but prefer cash. Please send it to the following 

Scam R us
12343 Rue da greed
Imscum, 55443-432

Please I beg you to help me. Think of us glowing in the dark (even our dog 
doesn't want to be near us at night, the cat is OK though). God bless you. 
Looking forward to getting drunk on your money.

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