Fw: Problem with mounting JFFS2

Iva Salom diva at kondor.imp.bg.ac.yu
Fri Aug 4 04:20:18 EDT 2006

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Subject: Re: Problem with mounting JFFS2

Hi Artem!

> Hello Iva,
> On Thu, 2006-08-03 at 12:51 +0200, Iva Salom wrote:
>> I am a beginner in all these embedded linux - mtd - jffs stuff. I am
>> using Intel FLASH 28F320 (2 interleaved 16b chips of 8MB, so we have
>> 32bit buswidth) (CFI) with TMS320C5471 platform. I turnd on MTD
>> support, so I have 5 partitions: bootloader (/dev/mtd0), bootloader
>> parameters (/dev/mtd1), kernel image (/dev/mtd2), ROMFS SDRAM image
>> (/dev/mtd5), primary file system, which is romfs (/dev/mtd3) and I
>> want the second to be jffs2 (/dev/mtd4):
> Sorry, I didn't get it what's the question/problem. The output you
> provided looks OK. If you don't want all this output - just disable
> JFFS2 debugging. Or you deliberately enabled it?
Yes, I enabled it because the first time I tried to mount jffs2 it just
 stoped without any message. I hopped that I will get some warning or
 something but it just stops each time at the same point and all those
 messages didn't help me a lot. As I understood, there are several threads
 running, so using my TEST outputs I found 3 functions where it stops but, I
 would say, with no reason. So I expect that something else is the problem,
maybe something I haven't enabled?

> BTW, your original message included HTML and was not rejected by a
> mistake. Please, don't send HTML messages.
 Sorry, it was my first time, now I think I know what was the mistaque.

> Regards,
> Artem.


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