DOCBoot: "diskonchip" driver depreciated?

Dan Brown dan_brown at
Wed Sep 28 10:18:19 EDT 2005

Joseph M Dupre (AVAB Inc.) wrote:
> The DOCboot README refers to the kernel's diskonchip driver.

There are more than one.  By referring in the README to the "diskonchip" 
driver, I mean specifically the driver that is *called* "diskonchip". 
(The parenthesized hint in step one about doing "modprobe diskonchip" is 
intended to make this clear).

> I am currently working with an un-patched kernel.  It it 
> there are drivers for Disk-On-Chip 2000 and various Millennium 
> devices.  These are all marked depreciated.  Menuconfig help suggests 
> to use the generic NAND device driver instead on the Disk-On-Chip 
> driver.

I'll have to check the menuconfig wording, but what it should say is to 
use the new DOC driver that works *with* the generic NAND device layer, 
rather than the old DOC driver(s) that doesn't.  If you enable NAND 
support, you'll find this new driver.

> Should this generic NAND driver work in conjunction with the DOCboot 
> code and a "newer" DOC 2000 device?


> I'm not tied to this kernel by any means, it is just what was current 
> when I started.  But I _do_ need to get booting from the DOC 2000 
> device and have not yet figured out how to do this.  I am using the 
> DOC MD2202 series DIP on an i486 platform.

Should work fine; let me know if you need any more help.


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