data loss on jffs2 filesystem on dataflash

Peter Menzebach pm-mtd at
Wed Sep 21 12:10:20 EDT 2005

Artem B. Bityutskiy wrote:
> But.. Argh! Look at line 488: if (pad && !jffs2_dataflash(c))
> Why !jffs2_dataflash(c)??? I bet this is the bug.
Nope, it's OK there, only when padding.

In my logs, wbuf_len is always 0.

Then when I write the flash,
free_size, wasted_size, used_size is adjusted with 0.

How is the intention of the write buffer?
- I write 10 bytes at the beginning
- Then after 2 seconds, the buffer is flushed
- I it correct, to adjust with wbuf_len, or must it be wbuf_size?

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