Removable serial flash devices

hinko.kocevar at hinko.kocevar at
Wed Oct 5 01:39:22 EDT 2005


We have SPI dataflash ( connected to CPU GPIO pins. 
Device can hold up to 32Mbit serial flash and can be added/removed at 
any time. How is MTD coping with 'hotpluging' of MTD devices? Are there 
any available designs or device drivers that implement similar? Can we 
add/remove (mtd register/unregister) device as it is detected or are 
there any other limitations to this procedure?

Right now we are presenting datakey device as character device and use 
stream I/O operations. In this case we can quickly detect and add/remove 
device from the system. In case of MTD we are worried about mtdxx dev 
entry that could remain registered if datakey is removed during data access.

With the stunning EBS mount performance we would like to put jffs2 on 
datakey device in contrast to raw flash access we are using now.


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