Troubles with JFFS2

Narinder Kumar narinder at
Thu Mar 31 12:21:25 EST 2005

Hi all,

I have written a keypad driver which is a memory mapped device which  
works perfectly fine when teh application and drivers are on NFS rather 
than on JFFS2 filesystem.__ I have already spent two months trying to 
debug it. But even a minimal keypad driver has trouble working together
with JFFS2. I never had any problems on NFS.
    I put my drivers and application onto JFFS2 filesystem and then 
mount that partition and run the application and it runs succesfully but 
when i try to unmount the partitioned just mounted it hangs.  I am using 
timer interrupt in my keypad driver which is running on a JFFS2 
filesystem on DataFlash on AT91RM9200DK on linux-2.4.27-vrs1 (using 
20050304 MTD snapshot)
    I think it is some bug in JFFS2, but I am not sure. Is JFFS2 really 
"production stable" ? I am hereby attaching the code of my Keypad 
Driver  and providing some overview of what the code is doing

when the keypad driver is loaded into the kernel, the timer interrupt is 
initialized but it does nothing till the point the application tries to 
read from the keypad.

SCAN_KBD ( Timer Interrupt function)
After timer expiry this function is called and it checks for the flag, 
whether it should read from memory mapped device or not ( which is set 
when the application tries to read from keypad) and if its false , it 
just adds the timer again and returns. So when application reads , its 
sets the flag SCHEDULE_OR_NOT to 1 and thereafter the timer interrupt 
actually reads from a memory mapped region where keypad is sitting. Once 
it reads from the memory mapped region , it checks which key was being 
pressed and then ignores the key if the same key is pressed till certain 
timeout ( HZ/5 ).

Sets the flag SCHEDULE_OR_NOT to 1 so that timer interrupt actually 
starts reading from memory mapped location.

When the driver is removed from the kernel , it sets a flag CLOSE_TIMER 
to 1 , which is checked by the timer interrupt and it never adds itself 
again if this flag is set., and then it calls del_timer just to check if 
timer is still added it will delete it. and thereby unmap the memory 
mapped region that was being used for keypad.


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