Problem mounting mtd after nandwrite

Frédéric Janot f.janot at
Thu Mar 24 06:13:29 EST 2005

I have some problem when trying to mount jffs2 partition directly after 
flash it.
Here is what I did :
flash_eraseall /dev/mtd4
nandwrite -j /dev/mtd4 img2burn.jffs2
mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock4 /mnt/nand
mount returns the following error
mount: Mounting /dev/mtdblock4 on /mnt/nand failed: Invalid argument
Note that my root filesystem is mount over NFS
If I reboot the board (in NFS), I am able to mount /dev/mtdblock4 
without problem
I used kernel 2.4.25 with mtd driver from 20041007 snapshot and I port 
myself the nand flash driver (samsung K9F5608UOC)
mount program I used comes from busybox 1.0
Can you help me deal with this problem ?


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