mtd permission denied

Aras Vaichas arasv at
Tue Mar 22 18:23:31 EST 2005

Aras Vaichas wrote:
> Mike Lee wrote:
>> Hi all
>>   i tried to flash_erase and other flash_* tools to my mtd device, the
>> return value is permission denied, but i am already root login. I have
>> selected MTD_CHAR and MTD_BLOCK in kernel.  Do i miss somethings?
> This is spookey, I just got the exact same problem at the same time(!)
> I'm trying to write data to my Dataflash device, but I get a "permission 
> denied" error whenever I try to fopen the file "/dev/mtd/2" to write the 
> data into it. I can read data from it with no problems.

Sorry to answer my owns post ... but Mike gave me a hint as to what the problem 

Mike had MTD_WRITEABLE set in the mask_flags for his partitions, so they were 

My "permission denied" was caused because I'd left the default Dataflash 
partition settings in at91_dataflash.c from the MTD backporting work I did last 
year. The default settings don't honour erase block boundaries and thus the 
partitions were being mounted "read only". Silly me didn't look at dmesg ...



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