Bad black table not found

Dan Brown dan_brown at
Mon Mar 14 16:11:00 EST 2005

Matt Garratt wrote:
> When my computer boots, I get the following messages that concern me
> regarding the DOC2000. Are these something I should worry about and if so,
> is there anything that can be done to fix?
> Bad Block Table not found for chip 0
> Bad Block Table not found for chip 0

I assume you're using the new NAND-based diskonchip driver.  This driver 
uses a BBT scheme which is slightly different from the one used by 
M-Systems.  (Specifically:  it preserves the MSystems BBT but adds a 
backup BBT).  The messages you are seeing indicate that we haven't found 
this "Linux-specific" BBT table.  This is completely normal.

To avoid filesystem corruption, the diskonchip driver won't create the 
BBT tables it wants unless you give it permission, using either a config 
option (MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP_BBTWRITE) or a module load parameter 
(inftl_bbt_write).  See the config help for more info.

When the Linux-specific BBT table is created, it is marked as reserved, 
so the MSystems tools won't touch it and won't be bothered by it.

> INFTL: corrupt block 4087 in chain 4087, chain length 0, erase mark 0x0?
> INFTL: formating chain at block 4087
> INFTL: formatting block 4087
> nand_erase: Failed erase, page 0x0001fee0
> INFTL: error while formatting block 4087
> INFTL: cannot calculate a geometry to match size of 0x6d5c0
> INFTL: using C:999 H:16 S:28 (==0x6d440 sects)

I can't help you with these messages -- I've never actually used INFTL.


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