Re; MTD (2) Block Driver broken

Gareth Bult gareth at
Tue Mar 8 05:31:47 EST 2005

> Only after testing did I submit the code to cvs, so I was not
> overconfident.  Stupid is more to the point.

Stupid is a term that's often misused and misunderstood , I try to avoid
it. Just because someone makes a mistake doesn't make them stupid ..
possible prone to making errors, possibly overconfident, possibly
lacking in experience .. possibly just unlucky.

> Well, the credit is free advertisement.  On the next job interview, a
> "just grep the kernel sources" comment explains my qualifications and
> may keep me from unemployment here or raise my salary there.

Mmm, not something I tend to worry about.

> Credit is never the reason to write code in the first place.  My
> block2mtd patches were written for fun and because I would like to
> replace my hard driver with a USB key.  But the free extra doesn't
> hurt, at least until I win the lottery (and I never play).

I guess it depends on the sort of work you're after. If you're talking
short contracts - sure.

If you're talking "real" work, it doesn't take more than a couple of
days to see what someone can "really" do. Having one's name on a Linux
device driver is hardly indicative on one's ability.



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