Re; MTD (2) Block Driver broken

Gareth Bult gareth at
Mon Mar 7 13:34:54 EST 2005

> Sure.  You have your reasons to be pissed and I have no problem to
> acknowledge them.  The current driver is broken and a fscking
> embarrassment.  And I am to blame.  No doubt.

You said;
>I sent the whole list of cleanup patches to you, you could have
>simply tested them in order and told me which one broke.

Hence my comments.

I'm not responsible for the testing your patches.

> The current driver is broken and a fscking embarrassment.

Indeed it is, yet I would have left well alone if it wasn't for the the
fact you put my name on it. I don't recall my name being on the code I
passed to the list .. (!) 

My code works, yet I now feel embarrassed.
- Do you understand my frustration ?

> Yet - you have proven before and continue to prove than you are
> impossible to work with:

Sure, I wasn't trying to work with you, but then it wasn't my intention
to have a go at you.

You might like (or not) to re-read my email of 5:25pm (5th Mar). I've
just re-read it. Maybe it's me, but it does seem like an entirely
reasonable email that doesn't mention or have a go at anybody ???

I trying to point out the fsck-up here where it could be fixed by
whoever submitted it, rather than on the kernel mailing lists where
people might look at the mtd double approval and ask wtf is going on.

>The fact that you don't remember me, you don't remember being on Cc:
>when I sent patches to Andrew Morton and now come running back is more
>than a little disturbing to me.

I left the list. I told you why I left the list. I told you I wasn't
going to do any more work on the driver. I'm not running back to you.

I'm not even asking you to fix any code, bottom line, all I'm really
asking is that you take my name off the code. (which I'm guessing you
put there in the first place!!)

I'm still using the code I initially submitted to the list.

> Jörn, trying his best not to flame

Mmm, flame me for reporting a fsck up ? Great. Really useful.

Flame everyone who reports a problem and slowly but surely, all your
problems will disappear!

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