Booting Linux 2.6 with DiskOnChip 2000 TSOP (INFTL)

Brian O'Dell brian at
Wed Jun 29 15:42:23 EDT 2005

Andrew Schultz wrote:

> Hello,
> I've spent a few days attempting to get a new 256MB DiskOnChip 2000 
> TSOP working properly with Linux 2.6.11.  I have been using the MTD 
> drivers that come with the vanilla version of the kernel and so far I 
> can properly dformat, fdisk, format, and copy the file system so 
> everything is cool with the kernel driver.
> However, all my attempts to get grub/lilo/docboot to work in booting 
> of the DOC have been in vain.  My first question is does the current 
> grub patch actually have support for the TSOP (and INFTL devices in 
> general)?  I found two previous posts in 2002 and 2003 
> ( 
> and 
> which seem to be inconclusive about the current support of INFTL 
> devices and grub.
I am in a very similar situation.  I can read and write to the DOC 2000 
tsop, but no luck booting to it.

This post by dwmw2 is relevant to our troubles:

My thinking is that GRUB is out, and doesn't currently work for INFTL 
devices.  I could be dead wrong.  My understanding is that normal grub 
needs to understand the filesystem it is loading the kernel from.  The 
patched grub understands NFTL, but not INFTL. 

I don't think that LILO has this limitation.  I think LILO just loads 
the kernel from a given address, it does not understand filesystems, so 
it may work.  I haven't tried LILO yet.


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