Big Problem with DOC 128Mbyte Help!

Carlos, John J USAATC john.carlos at
Wed Dec 15 09:38:55 EST 2004

Hello all,

  Ok here is my problem.  I am running linux-2.4.28 with a recent mtd patch.
I have a DiskONChip 2000 128Mbyte version 5.1.2 (must be real new).  The
chip seems to be working properly.  I can run fdisk, mkfs. And read/write to
it.  I can mount the chip (/dev/inftla1) and view all of my files and file
system.  I CAN NOT get a boot loader on it.  I am trying to get lilo-2.6.1
to allow me to make the DOC bootable.  I currently have a floppy drive with
the bootloader on it.  I have two choices, my hard drive and the DiskOnCHip.
When ever I try to boot from the DiskOnChip and starts to boot then fails
when it tries to run init.  The kernel bombs saying I need to specify an
init location.  I will reboot from the hard disk and mount the DIskOnChip
only to find each time that all the data is wiped out with only just a few
directories left.  I get read errors if I try to list what might be in them
and a df shows only 1% use, with all files on it it is at 54%.

  QUESTION:  What/why could this be happening.  Why would the boot loader be
trashing my DiskOnChip???????????

Thank you,

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