boot to MTD-partitioned NAND from DOS w/loadlin?

David L idht4n at
Tue Jun 21 11:11:30 EDT 2005

Sorry about the no subject in my last post.  :(

>I'm using a Nand flash driver on a Compulab board with a proprietary driver 
>provided by Compulab.  I'd like to switch to a non-proprietary driver like 
>MTD for a few reasons.  But having read through the MTD documentation, I'm 
>not sure we can maintain our current boot strategy if we migrate to MTD.  
>Right now, we boot to DOS that comes with the board and then use loadlin to 
>boot a kernel/initial ramdisk that reside on a partition of the Nand flash 
>that has a DOS filesystem on it.  On the rare event that we need to change 
>the kernel or initial ramdisk, we mount the DOS filesystem from Linux and 
>change the file.
>Is there a way to maintain this strategy if we use MTD?  I saw in the NAND 
>API document that only jffs2 and YAFFS filesystems can be used with MTD.  
>Is there any way around this? (I don't care how efficient it is).  And even 
>if there is a workaround that would allow us to modify files in a DOS 
>filesystem from Linux, will MTD partitions be visible from DOS so that we 
>can boot in the first place?
>                    David
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