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David L idht4n at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 21 10:48:17 EDT 2005


I'm using a Nand flash driver on a Compulab board with a proprietary driver 
provided by Compulab.  I'd like to switch to a non-proprietary driver like 
MTD for a few reasons.  But having read through the MTD documentation, I'm 
not sure we can maintain our current boot strategy if we migrate to MTD.  
Right now, we boot to DOS that comes with the board and then use loadlin to 
boot a kernel/initial ramdisk that reside on a partition of the Nand flash 
that has a DOS filesystem on it.  On the rare event that we need to change 
the kernel or initial ramdisk, we mount the DOS filesystem from Linux and 
change the file.

Is there a way to maintain this strategy if we use MTD?  I saw in the NAND 
API document that only jffs2 and YAFFS filesystems can be used with MTD.  Is 
there any way around this? (I don't care how efficient it is).  And even if 
there is a workaround that would allow us to modify files in a DOS 
filesystem from Linux, will MTD partitions be visible from DOS so that we 
can boot in the first place?



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