MTD support for Samsung K9K4G08U0M 4G 8bit NAND

Derek Jones DJones at
Thu Jun 2 19:05:06 EDT 2005

Hi All,

I have a Samsung K9K4G08U0M NAND part on my board running linux 2.6.11
that is not handled correctly by the MTD NAND code. Toshiba devices work
fine. I have patched MTD to the June 1, 2005 snapshot and the problem

The device is detected correctly (ID is EC, DC, C1, 15). However, code
in nand_bbt.c is calling read_oob that issues a read OOB (0x50) command
that is not supported by the Samsung device.

I have poked around in nand_bbt.c, but don't see anything obvious. Any



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