jffs2 and nand mtd

Gianluca gianlucarenzi at eptar.com
Thu Aug 11 10:42:29 EDT 2005

we are working on an embedded system, but the only kernel it supports it is 
2.4.x series (microblaze based)
It has nand flash we are just wrote our drivers, but if mtd support for 2.4.x 
lacks, we cannot use them with any filesystem.

> > The best would be if you would adopt the *latest* MTD snapshot to your
> > kernel. Martin Egholm Nielsen <martin at egholm-nielsen.dk> recently ported
> > the latest MTD snapshot to a 2.4 kernel. You may ask him for a
> > patch/help.
> I'll help - I don't think I can create a patch that'll work directly, so
> let's see if we can get CVS HEAD up and running - step by step...
We are very glad if you "DIFFed" your harddrive mtd 2.4 sources, so it will be 
much simpler for us using them directly instead of downloading the latest 
release, then using the older macros... is it error prone doing in the 
following way?

> 1 )Start by fetching the source from CVS
> (http://www.linux-mtd.infradead.org/source.html)
> 2) Patch it in - enter the patches directory and run the patchin.sh
> script...
> 3) Configure the kernel for JFFS2
> ( 3½) If "non-standard" board, change the "proper" (vague - I know) mtd
> Makefile to include the flash-driver for your system...)
> 4) Try making a new kernel - this will certainly fail, since many of the
> macro's checking (and fixing) for kernel less than 2.6 has been removed...
> To fix the many errors in 4), you can actually compare the complaining
> files from HEAD with the ones from 2005-03-04. Many, if not all, the
> required macro's are there.
> Otherwise, I can try to see if I can create a patch/diff output stating
> the differences.
> Or, finally, you can post the errors here, or privately (not so noisy,
> but others may benefit - even if 2.4 is abandoned :-)), and we can
> fix'em together...
Anyway we will feel a lot of better if 2.4 support will NOT be abandoned at 
all, expecially for small footprint project like embedded system.

Best regards,
Gianluca Renzi
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