nand locking

Timofei V. Bondarenko timm at
Wed Apr 27 06:27:41 EDT 2005

Thomas Gleixner wrote:
>>It would be nice to unlock the rw partitions only.
>>But it's weird a bit:
>>the mtd_partition may be incomplete before add_mtd_partitions() done.
>>After add_mtd_partitions() my startap code has no handle to actual 
>>partition info.
>>The mtd_partition.mtdp seems only choice, though it prevents partitions 
>>from registering...
>>So, could couple of lines in add_mtd_partitions() do that work?
> I'm not quite understanding, what your problem is.
> Lock/unlock are general features and should be added to nand_base.c.
> I guess the chips which have those functions can be identified and an
> appropriate option flag set in the ID list, which then lets nand_scan
> decide whether to fill in the lock/unlock function pointers or not.

An easy problem: I'm looking for the simplest way to protect
read-only mtd partitions by hardware lock.
The current nand_base seems lack of this feature.
Should i hack the nand_base? Or is there a correct workaround?

>>I've already sent one as attacment, but that message gets bounced
>>"awaits moderator approval".
> Thats list policy. Attachments have to be approved

It awaits since 18 Apr - longer than a week... is it ok?
Are there other ways to submit a patch? (a small bugfix to cmdlinepart).
AFAIK, placing diffs into message text is not welcomed too.


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