mounting jffs2

Sergei Sharonov sergei.sharonov at
Thu Apr 21 11:34:12 EDT 2005

> Anyway, we are now working on a new boot time speed up technique. We 
> call it centralized summary. The "old" summary is erase block summary.
> If you would like to test it I can send a patch. I would be also useful 
> for us, because we don't have real NAND device, so we cannot make real 
> measurements. (Forutnatelly we can use Artem's NAND simulator.)

Ferenc, I appreciate your help. Unfortunately I don't think the patch will
improve my situation since I need to handle un-clean umounts. e.g. power 
failures and still preserve reasonable mount time.

I did a few tests with yaffs1 and yaffs2. With yaffs1, 128 MByte NAND and 100
MBytes worth of files I am getting 18 s mount time. And after 18 s filesystem
seems to be fully operational (touch, ls -l, etc.) Treat data as 
preliminary since I just built yaffs1 yesterday ;-)
I also did write/read/verify/erase of total of 6.8 GBytes of data without any 
errors. Have not done any power fail testing yet.

Now, the bad news yaffs2 did not work for me - files would disapear or get
corrupted. I would need yaffs2 to handle devices with 2 kB page size.

Sergei Sharonov

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