using multile partitions on one NAND chip

Stephan Linke Stephan.Linke at
Wed Nov 24 09:40:37 EST 2004


anyone tried using multiple partitions on a NAND flash?
I can't find the protection mechanism that protects lets say an erase on one block against a read command on the other block.
In my case I am using 2 YAFFS patitions and 1 partition that fakes a read-only NOR flash using the nand_read_ecc() function
(mtd->read_ecc()). I'm not shure if there is an efficient protection for this. It looks like nand_chip->chip_lock should do this job
but it only protects parts of the erase loop agains parts of the nand_chip->waitfunc() wait loop. It does not keep
nand_chip->cmdfunc() from sending a command while an erase command is still active in the nand chip.

Thanks, Stephan

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