Fwd: NAND Flash Problem.

Thomas Gleixner tglx at linutronix.de
Thu May 20 14:46:10 EDT 2004

On Thursday 20 May 2004 14:38, Gurhan Hatipoglu wrote:
> Hello sir/madam;
> I forwarded the message attached, by the advice of CVS group. Please inform
> me about the problem forwarded.

CVS is no group. It's a read only mailing list which keeps you informed of 
changes in the CVS.

> I'm working on Hyundai GMS30C7201 board, using ARM Linux V.2.4.18 Rmk 3.

Is this the kernel from Hynix ? Use the reworked one available from my 

> In addition to NOR Flash, we mounted KM29U64000T 64Kbit NAND flash on the
> board to use as a disk, I changed sample VIA board driver according to the
> directions given in the Document directory

Which version of MTD do you use ? The one in the kernel source ? 
Use latest MTD CVS code, as everything else does not properly support NAND.

> and by referencing addresses in
> hardware.h (NAND_BASE 0xf2000000, physical address is 0x08000000).
> When I boot the system, VM error is appearing, as below and system is
> crashing. When I test ioremap for physical address 0x0800000, system is
> giving no nand flash found message.

The pyhsical address must be converted to a virtual adress by ioremap. Get the 
physical address through which the NAND chip can be accessed. In your driver 
nand_virt = ioremap (nand_phys, SZ_1K);
nand_virt must be stored in the IO_ADDR_R and IO_ADDR_W members of the nand 
chip structure.

> Function entered at [<c0093284>] from [<c00952b0>]
> Function entered at [<c0095278>] from [<c000ee60>]
>  r8 = C00C2B44  r7 = C00C6C20  r6 = C01342E8  r5 = C00E6120
>  r4 = C0134260

Such a backtrace is worthless, as I dont know anything of your kernel. Decode 
it with ksymoops. Read linux/Documentation/oops-tracing.txt

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