Administivia -- mailing list server changes.

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu May 20 10:23:47 EDT 2004

The mailing lists I run have now been moved from 
(physically hosted in Cambridge) to (in Ottawa).

This is because I was given 48 hours notice that pentafluge has to be 
removed from its current home. This isn't even as long as my ex-employer 
gave me when they finally suggested I might like to remove a different 
machine two _years_ after I no longer worked there. No reason has been 
given for the sudden urgency of this.

Unfortunately, the result of this is that I haven't had time to wind down 
the DNS timeouts to give a smooth changeover -- so the MX, A and AAAA 
records for '' will continue to point to the wrong 
place in many caches until some time next week.

The MX records shouldn't matter too much -- hence mail will keep working 
-- because canuck was already listed as a backup. For access to the 
mailman interface and the archives, you may need to know in the meantime 
that its IP addresses is 2002:cde9:d907::1 (or for those of 
you still stuck on IPv4).

Obviously the changeover hasn't been as well-planned and tested as I'd
like; please let me know if there are any problems.

The machine known as '{phoenix,cvs,www}' will also be made
homeless. I plan to move WWW services over to canuck some time today or
tomorrow once once I get bored of watching the mail logs for anomalies and
want something else to worry about.

A new home is being arranged, but the lead time for a DSL installation was
15 days, starting from two days ago. 

There exists a possibility that our esteemed IS folks won't _actually_
pull the plug with that little notice and reason; that they'll hear my
plea for a reasonable stay of execution while I'm waiting for the new home
to be made ready. If it _doesn't_ happen that way, then the CVS server
will probably be going IPv6-only on the wrong end of an ISDN line until
the new home is ready.


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