erase error when I use the Intel E28F128J3C-150 chip

linuxtom at linuxtom at
Wed Jun 2 12:39:34 EDT 2004

Dear all:

I wrote a flash writer program to download all images to this chip,It's
  working. and then, I tryed to use jffs2 & MTD to mount root filesystem.
I mounted this partition as root when I mounted It as a read only
But when I mounted it as a writeable filesystem, the system was crashed.
I tryed to debug this error, and I found that the problem is erase error
in do_erase_oneblock().
The system crashed after erase command.(CFI:0x20,0xD0) in this
function.(waiting... and then core dump....)

I can use my flash writer program to erase block,
so I rewrite a simple code like the erase function part of my flash
writer porgram to replace the do_erase_oneblock()
but the system crash after the CFI erase commend still, even It working
in my flash writer program.

Can you give me some help or advices ?

Thank you!!

Thomas# Chiang

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