JFFS2 and compact flash

Gareth Bult (Encryptec) Gareth at Encryptec.net
Mon Dec 20 12:15:31 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-12-20 at 17:21 +0100, Amaury Jacquot wrote:
> a couple weeks ago, I sent mail to this list about using JFFS2 on a 
> compact flash card, but haven't received any answer...
> can anyone answer me, or point me to a document describing the procedure 
> it it is at all doable ?


I guess it depends on how the compact flash is presented. If it appears
to the system via a hard drive interface (?) then the answer would be

I'm running JFFS2 on USB Flash keys (which appear as SCSI devices
via /dev/sd??) via the MTD block device emulator .. the default read
speed is poor and the write speed is non-existent .. however if you grab
my patch for blkmtd.c posted earlier, I'm pretty much getting raw
read/write speeds from the key.


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