supporting DiskOnChip G3

Ara Avanesyan araav at
Thu Dec 16 06:00:15 EST 2004

ohh, actually I'm noob in the low level world but in any case I have to do 
this porting. accidentally, is there any good book/material that explains 
the mtd structure etc so i won't loose too much time exploring the source 
code blindly... actually i'm doing it for two days already:)

hey, thanks for a great answer!

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> On Wed, 2004-12-15 at 14:12 +0400, Ara Avanesyan wrote:
>> David,
>> thanks for the answer.
>> the documentation is the easiest part;)
> Oh, that's interesting. They always used to be very cagey about their
> documentation. I'm glad to see they're making progress -- at first
> glance it looks like we ought to be able to support the device with that
> information.
> That would be enough for using YAFFS or JFFS2 on it; if the translation
> layer isn't INFTL (as I suspect it isn't) then we'd also need docs on
> the new translation layer too, if we want to use it in DOS-compatible
> mode.
>> so now you have the doc, means you have plans to support it?:)
> Yeah -- given some sample hardware and a few spare weeks of spare time,
> I'd be happy to play :)
> It shouldn't be _that_ hard to make a driver for it which uses the core
> NAND code. See the existing drivers/mtd/nand/diskonchip.c for
> inspiration and turn up on #mtd of If you're willing
> and capable then we can help you do it -- but if it turns out to be as
> much work to talk you through it as it would be to do it ourselves, then
> it's not going to work too well :)
> -- 
> dwmw2

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