Partitions on DOC2000

Carlos, John J USAATC john.carlos at
Tue Dec 14 06:31:36 EST 2004

Hello All,

  I have a DiskONChip 2000 128Mbyet dip.  I am having trouble writing the
boot loader to it Lilo-22.6.2.  There are two partitions on the chip the
16Kbyte BDL and the BDTL partition which is the rest of the disk space.  My
/proc/mtd shows only mtd0.  My /proc/partitions shows only inftla and
inftla1.  I am wondering what is the trick to make the chip bootable.  Do I
need to delete the BDL and create on large partition on the chip?  When I
run Lilo it warns me the inftla is not on the first disk.  Is this my
indicator as to have only on large partition?


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