mounting mtd device

Luca Contini luca.contini at
Fri Sep 19 11:32:46 EDT 2003

Hi all,
I've successfully compiled the mtd subsystem as a module (mtdblock.o and
I've also successfully inserted those modules using insmod utility, so that
now I can see the mtdblock block device (major number 31) in the
/proc/devices list.
But when I try to mount the corresponding /dev/mtdblock0 device to /mnt/mtd
I got the following error:
** mount: /dev/mtdblock0: unknown device **

The /dev/mtdblock0 device relies on major number 31, minor number 0 and is a
block device.
Also, I've placed a
in the 'blktrans_open' function to see whether the mount is at least trying
to open the device but with no result.
Does anyone know why?



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