TX49 NAND supported?

Junio C Hamano junkio at twinsun.com
Thu Sep 11 15:01:14 EDT 2003

Does anybody have a working tx4925 NAND driver that can be used
with the latest mtd from infradead CVS?  I have located a copy
of tx4925ndfmc.c with 2002 timestamp by Toshiba Corporation
(GPLv2) but it appears to use an API incompatible with the
current one.  Among other things, it seems to think that struct
nand_chip has fields like IO_ADDR, CTRL_ADDR, CLE, ALE, NCE,
ioread, iowrite, etc, and appears to predate the following
change in include/linux/mtd/nand.h:

 *   10-29-2001 TG      changed nand_chip structure to support 
 *                      hardwarespecific function for accessing
 *   control lines

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