mtd support for 64-bit bus

Howard King hking at
Tue Oct 21 20:50:01 EDT 2003

At 01:08 PM 10/3/2003, you wrote:
>On Fri, 3 Oct 2003, Howard King wrote:
> > We have a customized board with 4 AMD 29L641V flash chips (4 * 8Mbyte) 
> with
> > 64-bit wide bus. The mtd driver in linux 2.4.18 kernel does not work for
> > this configuration.  Does anyone have similar experiences?  What is the
> > solution?  Thanks.
>Upgrade your MTD code to a more recent snapshot.

I used the following commands which I found in the how-to question:

Follow the following steps:
1.Make sure that you are root.
2. cd /usr/src
3. cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs at login
(password: anoncvs)
4. cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs at co mtd
5. cd /usr/src/mtd/patches
6. sh -j /mykernel/kernel

== error message 1 ===
#fs/fs.o(.text+0x50eac): undefined reference to `zlib_compress'
#fs/fs.o(.text+0x50fac): undefined reference to `dynrubin_decompress'
#fs/fs.o(.text+0x50fc4): undefined reference to `zlib_decompress'

I found the zlib_.. and dynrubin_.. were added jffs2_.. prefix.  That is 
why it could not find those any more.  Since I want to use jffs2 so I 
include this flag. The -j flag is NOT in the how-to doc.  Will a newer 
kernel (2.4.20) work for this?

== error message 2 ==
#drivers/mtd/mtdlink.o(.text+0x1cc0): undefined reference to `__raw_readll'

Well, I did find that it missed raw_readll and raw_writell in 
Inside the map.h, it used raw_readll and raw_writell.
But I can't simply include cfi.h in map.h since cfi.h needs map.h 
definition too.
I need to add raw_readll and raw_writell definition in asm/io.h with 
raw_readl and raw_writel.
Isn't the patch supposed to work?  Did I miss something?

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