mtd support for 64-bit bus

Thayne Harbaugh tharbuagh at
Fri Oct 3 23:18:10 EDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-10-03 at 14:02, Howard King wrote:
> We have a customized board with 4 AMD 29L641V flash chips (4 * 8Mbyte) with 
> 64-bit wide bus. The mtd driver in linux 2.4.18 kernel does not work for 
> this configuration.  Does anyone have similar experiences?  What is the 
> solution?  Thanks.

Just last week I committed some 64 bit fixes.  I know of a few people
that are using 64 bit buses.  I looked for the AMD 29L641V - I didn't
see it on the AMD site
Will you send me a URL for the data sheet?

If current CVS doesn't work, let us know.

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