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its quite tricky, I mean in :


I have:

3 versions of grub(0.92, 0.93, cvs "10/10/02")
4 versions of mtd snapshot(one which contains grub patch 10/08/2002)
3 kernels ("2.4".19 , .21, .22)
3 rtlinux versions (pre1, pre2, pre3)

I haven't patched kernel with mtd, I just used default, could this be
something to do with why nftl_format will not compile? if i go back to a
snapshot in 2002 I can compile nftl_format (?) or could this also be to do
with redhat 9 as base system (or one of tool set / compiler - havent checked
that), if I load the DOC with 'GRUB_F~1` :) SPL via DFORMAT utility, it
works (not with old toolset though) but my nftl formatting all went
pear-shape, also 'ctrlbypass' is very good, instead of me hot plugging the
jumper on the board im using. So I have used 'doc_loadbios' from the latest
MTD, 'nftl_format' from the 2002 MTD, grub patch 10/08/2002 from another
MTD, grub-automake patch downloaded from net (redhat uses latest - im not
very good on version numbers for compiler and toolsets).

 I'm not that sure how to use jffs2, I didn't include it in my kernel build
, but as far as I can tell at the moment it replaces the whole of my DOC
including SPL, so I have nftla1 partition with ext3 on it, currently its
booting the kernel from /boot, but chumps out on root filesystem thats
because i haven't built it yet, maybe that I should have made two
partitions, 2 MB, boot partition, rest as nftla2 for root. What about
resierfs? this is journalling also (i think), is ext3 a good choice? ill
make sure I back up my rootfs and do some power off tests (hehe)



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> Thanks to all for all the replies so far.  I've taken notes and I'll get
> on with it today.
> Meanwhile, is it also possible to install either the jffs2 file system
> or either another type of journaling system targeted for leveling cell
> wear on a regular flash IDE device ?
> > just managed to do it IM SO HAPPY! :E
> I hope to say this soon too ! ;-)
> Cheers,
> Al
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