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daniel at daniel at
Wed Nov 26 08:23:30 EST 2003

Hi ,

[ Sorry if I inform you about things that others already mentioned, I've
missed a few posts from this thread. ]  

In the past I have booted and setup many diskonchip devices with grub. I
can't find the original HOWTO anymore, but this link is more or less
what I used to do, and it worked great.

> Meanwhile, is it also possible to install either the jffs2 file system
> or either another type of journaling system targeted for leveling cell
> wear on a regular flash IDE device ?

Using the blkmtd driver, which is an emulation layer. I feel it's
usefull to benefit from the compression that jffs2 offers (as opossed to
cramfs, which is also compressed , but read-only) - but i am not sure if
you really can benefit from the wear leveling that jffs2 offers, since
ide flash devices have controllers inside that have their own flash
trasnlation layer... 


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