JFFS2 and 64-bit flash

John Whitney john.whitney at timesys.com
Thu Nov 20 13:58:46 EST 2003

Is there anything in latest JFFS2 code that would have problems with 64-bit
buswidth flash access?

I have an four interleaved 16-bit AMD flash chips on a 64-bit bus.  Using
the MTD devices, I can write to, erase, and read the flash with no problems.
(I had to modify my PowerPC kernel to use a 64-bit floating point register
to ensure a 64-bit write, instead of two 32-bit writes.  Prior to this, I
had some failures).

If I copy in a JFFS2 filesystem, I can mount it and use "ls" to get a top
level directory listing.  However, if I use "ls -l" to get the same listing,
I get:

Chip not ready after erase suspended: status = 0x2a
error -5 reading node at 0x000bc110 in get_inode_nodes()
jffs2_get_inode_nodes() for ino 2 returned -5
ls: /mnt/bin: Input/output error

Is this most likely a problem with the cfi_cmdset_0002, or something in

John Whitney

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