MTD ( JFFS2 ) and NFS interaction ARM7TDMI

Phil Wilshire philwil at
Thu Nov 20 10:09:47 EST 2003


I am seeing failures when using cp to copy from a nfs mounted file into a 
local flash mounted partition

This is the sort of error I am seeing.

> > Data CRC 0990e3c7 != calculated CRC a7975f2e for node at 00072e80
> > cp: write: Input/output error

Other transfers from local ram to local flash work fine
Also using wget to transfer the file from the server seems to be working.

Interestingly enough using wget to retrieve the file takes about 1/2 the time as a ram
to flash copy.

Looks like a NFS interaction with MTD.

Any one else seen this behavior ?

best regards

   Phil Wilshire


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