Please help, nftl question

Luca Contini luca.contini at
Fri Jun 20 05:41:28 EDT 2003

so I have to modify the NFTL to comply with smartmedia fat format.
I thought NFTL was a translation layer from smartmedia to CHS hdd like


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> On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 12:55, Luca Contini wrote:
> > Thank you David.
> > One more question: I want to put a vfat filesystem on top of nftl
> > i'd like to read from a smartmedia formatted with fat12 by a digital
> > camera).
> A digital camera will not be using NFTL. NFTL is only used on the
> M-Systems DiskOnChip, and outside the Free World patents enforce that
> restriction.
> You want the SmartMedia translation layer, which isn't yet implemented
> and merged, although I do believe I recall seeing code for it at one
> point. It would fit into the diagram I showed you alongside mtdblock,
> FTL, NFTL etc.
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> dwmw2

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