Q: Pushing code to 2.4.x

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Fri Jan 31 09:19:46 EST 2003

On 29 Jan 2003, Eric W. Biederman wrote:

> What is the plan for keeping the kernel and the CVS tree more or less in
> sync?

It goes in cycles...
	1. I sync to Marcelo/Linus
	2. People commit changes.
	3. Those changes stabilise and I become happy with them.
	4. I plan to find time to sync to Marcelo/Linus again.
	5. People bitch at me because it's out of sync.
	6. I say "I'll find some time soon, honest".
	7. Red Hat finds me more 'real work' to do just when I thought
	   I'd got some slack some in the Engineering Schedule.
	8. People bitch at me some more.
	9. I eventually get round to it.

> There are currently some large divergences, to the point there are some
> chips that I can use the cfi_cmdset_0002.c from the stable 2.4.x kernel
> mtd tree but not from the recent CVS tree.

That's a bit of a bugger -- because I sent the CVS code to Marcelo this 
week :) Care to enlighten us on the problems you've seen?

> For the short term I can release and maintain patch where everything works,
> the question is what should my long term strategy be.
> A) Push to the MTD cvs repository and let David Woodhouse push to Marcelo.

As you've observed, there's a lag involved with this. If you're willing to
help reduce that I'm happy.

> B) Push to the MTD cvs repository and push directly to Marcelo.

This is fine by me assuming the following:

	1. You commit to CVS first and then send to Marcelo, including
	   the appropriate $Id$ changes so I know which version 
	   Marcelo was last sync'd with.
	2. You Cc me.
	3. Your changes are correct for both 2.4 and 2.5. I don't care
	   if they're tested, as long as they're correct :)
	4. You merge changes from Marcelo's tree into CVS too, before
	   sending it back to him.

> With LinuxBIOS becoming a fully supported product I expect to continually
> have more board and more little rom chips that I am making certain work.

For new map drivers, and new IDs for the chip drivers, please do commit to 
CVS and send to Marcelo simultaneously. I'm perfectly happy with that.


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