NFTL not recognizing disk on chip in some cases

Raphael Hertzog eng at
Wed Jan 29 11:42:22 EST 2003

Am Mit, 2003-01-29 um 15.48 schrieb Henrik Nordstrom:
> From what I recall you must not have the NFTL driver loaded while
> running nftl_format.. if the NTFL driver is loaded then I think bad
> things may happen such as those you describe.

Unless the bad things are irreversible this should not be the case.
AFAIR I always took care to remove the module before formating.

And it doesn't explain why I have the problem when I copy a set of files
and why I doesn't have it with another set of files. Even stranger when
I first copy the good set of files, then umount, remount, remove the
good set of files and copy the problematic set of files then it's ok.

But if I copy the problematic set of files directly during the first
mount after the partitioning/formating then I have the problem exposed
in my previous mail.

Raphaël Hertzog - EIPM SA

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