NFTL not recognizing disk on chip in some cases

Henrik Nordstrom hno at
Wed Jan 29 09:48:29 EST 2003

>From what I recall you must not have the NFTL driver loaded while
running nftl_format.. if the NTFL driver is loaded then I think bad
things may happen such as those you describe.


ons 2003-01-29 klockan 13.47 skrev Raphael Hertzog:
> Hi,
> I followed the instructions given here :
> I used the second set of instructions (the one for 2.4.18) since I'm
> running an unmodified 2.4.19 kernel.
> After having successfully created the filesystem on the disk on chip (I
> can mount it and work with it), I reboot and then the chip is no more
> recognized. The error happens in the NFTL module, it displays :
> NFTL Driver: nftlcore.c $Revision: 1.85$ nftlmount.c $Revision: 1.25$
> NFTL Media Headers at 0x18000 and 0x6cc000 disagree
> Could not find valid boot record
> Could not mount NFTL device
> Now if I relaunch nftl_format a second time it may find "bad blocks"
> which didn't exist the first time. After that the chip is usually again
> recognized ... I can reproduce that with different disk on chip (this
> does probably mean that it's not the disk on chip that is on fault).
> After more tries, it appears that the disk on chip is recognized after
> partitioning and formating ... but the problems appears once I copy a
> specific set of files on the disk on chip (it's not reproducible with
> any set of files) and umount the DOC (and try to reload the nftl
> module).
> Any idea of what can go wrong ?
> Regards,
Henrik Nordstrom <hno at>
MARA Systems AB

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