JFFS2 on block devices

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Sun Jan 12 04:21:26 EST 2003

fferreres at arrancar.com said:
>  * What is the maximun size jffs2 supports? I am using a 300MB image.
> Is there a recommended minimun?

The theoretical maximum is 4GiB. In practice, it'll get far too slow and 
take up far too much RAM before you get that far. I'm not sure what the 
_practical_ limit is.

The minimum is 6 erase blocks, at the moment. It reserves 5 for its garbage 

> * Is it too bad to "resize my image" by appending 0xFF's to it's end? 

No, that's fine. 

Out of interest, are you using the current code from CVS or the stable 
branch from the 2.4 kernel? The current code should mount a _lot_ faster.
How long does it take to mount?


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