JFFS2 on block devices

Federico Ferreres fferreres at arrancar.com
Sun Jan 12 01:21:34 EST 2003

Hi! I am using jffs2 just for the compression feature on my laptop
(can't upgrade the HD right now). It seems to work fine for my needs (I
created an jffs2 in a normal partition, the used the loopback device on
it, then blkmtd on it, then mounted the mtdblock0 device).

I have two doubts though and couldn't find the answer anywhere ...

* What is the maximun size jffs2 supports? I am using a 300MB image. Is
there a recommended minimun?
* Is it too bad to "resize my image" by appending 0xFF's to it's end?

Anyway, thanks a lot. It's brainkiller to use jffs2 this way and not
intended for this, but I haven't found any other rw compressed HD
filesystem that allows me to use recent kernels. And seems to work great
for what i need (I was able to free 700MB of my tiny 2GB HD this way)



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