JFFS2 for 2.0 kernel?

Arne Jonsson arne.jonsson at i3micro.com
Mon Feb 24 02:08:22 EST 2003

David Woodhouse wrote:

> It would be quite a lot of work; the file system layer in Linux changed
> dramatically between the 2.0 and 2.2 kernels. You'd have a better chance
> of porting to 2.2 -- in fact I think someone's already done so.
I was afraid of that, but we need the 2.0 kernel (at least for now).
> Why do you want 2.0?
We are using using JFFS with MTD and the uClinux 2.0.38 kernel. I have
some concerns re. JFFS and powercycling and as I understand the JFFS2 is
more robust. Another option would be to make JFFS more robust but I
assume that that might be an even bigger challenge.

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