grub-doc patch problem

tony Tong chaffmanus at
Sun Feb 9 21:16:46 EST 2003

--- David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at> wrote:
> You mentioned that you are using WinCVS. I believe
> that when you check
> out a file with CVS, it automatically 'fixes' the
> linefeeds to match the
> system on which you're checking it out. So all the
> Unix linefeeds will
> have been converted to CRLF to make Windows happy. 

Thank you ,David!
Thank you very very much!!
The wincvs is the right key ! It does  convert the
linefeeds to windows style by default.
I have managed it to check out with unix LF
successfully .
Thanks, without your help , I will be still in the
nightmare now .

Besides, thanks to Mark Meade for providing me so
detailed Howto Document .


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