How can I save my DoC ?

tony Tong chaffmanus at
Sat Feb 8 08:49:32 EST 2003

After many failures ,I select to turn to old patch of
because about half  year ,I have managed our DOC2000 
successfully according to
It is very old ,but it does work then.

But this time , I dont konw why I failed .
I use grub-0.90 and the grub-0.90-patch ,mtd is
This time I just get grub shell ,but it cannot
recognize DoC.
so I enter hard image ,redo this process.
but this time, worse of all,my DOC was corrupted .
When I  use "./eraseall /dev/mtd0",I get many errors .
Then in the following "./nftl_format /dev/mtd0 98034"
,I get info which tells bad block table corrupted
Then How can I save my DoC?
Help urgently needed!
Can you experienced guys give me a advice  ?

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