[newbie] MTD and tiny RAM

free dag4004 at free.fr
Fri Sep 27 05:34:20 EDT 2002

>> I use a very tiny SRAM (128ko) battery backuped to save
>> very important and changeable data.
>> I have a char. driver for it (i know how to read/write it)
>> I would like to mount it on Linux VFS but it seems that
>> bloc drivers are RAM cached.
>> Acces on this SRAM must be immediatly apply (if power goes
>> down data must be safe)
>> Does MTD could help me :
>> - is my SRAM not to tiny (128KO) for use with MTD ?
>> - could i acces to my SRAM through MTD in block mode without caching ?
>> - what king of file system could fit on such tiny RAM ?
>(This assumes 128KO == 128 kilobyte)
>You could use the slram driver for this and put a jffs2 on top of it.
>But slram uses eraseblocks of 64kiB and jffs2 needs 5 of those free
>for being operational. You should tweak the slram driver to use
>something closer to 4kiB.

I have a worry with jffs2, i use a kernel 2.2.17 and i was using an old CVS
snap shot. I have recently down load the last CVS and it does not compile
on my 2.2.17 kernel. My old CVS didn't have jffs2, it just have jffs.

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