Interest in DOC and YAFFS? --> YAFFS bootloading

Russ Dill Russ.Dill at
Tue Sep 24 03:53:36 EDT 2002

> Some people think that writing a new kernel would be easy.  %^)
> The trouble is coming up with a convenient method.  LILO stores a list
> of blocks.  GRUB reads filesystems.  GRUB is better in the long run,
> but harder to implement.

I've written a cramfs reader for grub, to use on the DOC, and grub works
great on a DOC. Although the grub code is a bit ugly, and there are a
few gotchas, writing a module is pretty straight forward. That being
said, writing a module to load files of a journaled fs (jffs2), is a bit
more time consuming, but as I understand yaffs is greatly optimized
towards NAND (as apposed to NOR) flash layout and lends itself to easy
reading (same sized blocks, no compression iirc).

If I were you, I'd use grub.

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