jffs2 BUG() in gc.c:135 "Checked all inodes but still..."

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Thu Sep 19 06:59:36 EDT 2002

victortse at avantwave.com said:
>  Before updating to the latest code there had been strange behaviors
> e.g. seemingly corrupted executable files that restores itself after a
> reboot, and we get different bad CRC reports every time the system
> boots up. However generally the system is stable enough for our
> development.

Can you provide more details? These aren't expected, except the CRC errors, 
which shouldn't be common -- they should only happen on power loss.

> Is the new code compatible with old data? Should I just rebuild the
> whole filesystem with the new code by erasing it and copying all files
> into it? Any help is greatly appreciated... 

Yes, the new code is compatible. September 6th was a bad time to take a 
snapshot -- can you update and try again?

If you can reproduce it still, please provide a full log of the mount with 


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