JFFS1/2 with DiskOnChip

Carl Przybylek carlp at bioace.net
Wed Sep 18 15:57:03 EDT 2002

Sorry I accidentally hit send....

I keep getting these ECC needs a full sector write when trying to put a
jffs1/2 image onto an m-sys disk on chip.   Seems at first the latest
mtd source did not link into the kernel correctly, Ive fixed that and I
still keep getting the errors.  If someone can answer the following
questions or has put a jffs2 filesytem on DiskOnChip I would greatly
appreciate a list of the steps you followed to get it to work.

Ive went through and ensured the following are configured in the
kernel.  I do have a question about the CONFIG_MTD_NAND_YOURBOARD=y
option.  Ive noticed the inti_doc2000 calls are defined so I assume I
dont need to follow the procedure in
http://www.linux-mtd.infradead.org/tech/nand.html to add my device.
However, I dont see an option for CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DOC2000.  Is this
enabled by the CONFIG_MTD_DOC2000 option?


Also Ive notice an option CONFIG_MTD_NAND_ECC_JFFS2 in the nand.c file.
I dont see this defined in any other code, do I need to enable this
config option in the kernel as well?

Im also confused as to whether I need to worry about the nftla system
before I add the jffs2 system.  It seems from the howto that I only need
to eraseall /dev/mtd0 and then cp jffs2.image /dev/mtd0 and I should be
good to go.  Everytime I try to cp to the dev/mtd0 device i keep getting
an ECC error.

Carl Przybylek

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